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Some online marketing Gurus will tell you that in order to make money from home online you have to invest in yourself and they are most certainly correct, but then they will go on to explain why you need a mentor and it just so happens they have the perfect course for you, which also happens to be a high ticket (1K+) internet marketing course! Well I’m here to tell you a slightly different story.

Now, to be honest, some people DO need these 1K plus courses and they do need to be hand held all the way, but most people do not need these high ticket make money online courses and can hit the big time for a fraction of what some gurus try and charge. Now i’m not saying you can make money online without investment because that’s simply not true, there is always investment, be that time or money.

Here’s the steps, follow these and success will not be far away. While thousands spend their time purchasing and chasing the latest ‘Shiny Object’, a make money from home onlinefew are quietly making a fortune following these simple steps. For me this is the best way to make money online.

1) choose a profitable niche (eg make money online, relationships and health)

2) Design a squeeze page or optin page, so you can get your website visitors to become subscribers. Then you can communicate with them, just like I am doing with you right now.
This post shows you what I use and it’s fantastic 🙂
You do not need a website designer today, I use wordpress which is a free content managment system with thousands of free and paid add-ons and free and paid website templates. subscribe to my newsletter and you will get some free wordpress video tutorials and a website design tutorial 🙂

3) Drive people to the squeeze page (There are hundreds of ways to do this, both paid and free. I will be sharing my website traffic generation methods with you over the coming days and weeks).

4) Write a series of niche emails that really connects with your subscribers. ( they say email marketing is an art form and I agree, but you do not have to be an email writing genius to make a LOT of m0ney online! Again, I will be sharing my email marketing methods with you over the coming days and weeks).

5) Find out what your subscribers NEED. The biggest mistake marketers make with their list, is selling their subscribers stuff they DO NOT need!

6) When you are first start building your list, you can send out affiliate offers as you do not YET have your own products. But you MUST create your own products as soon as possible. Here’s why:

Because people have signed up to your list, they mainly want to learn from you, not from someone who they do not know. Your products will convert better to your subscribers than other peoples products.

Once you have your own products, you can have you own army of affiliates selling your products. Having affiliates marketing and selling for you is the ultimate goal here.

Now I’m not saying you should never market other peoples products, because there are some amazing products out there and it is your duty to give your subscribers the best information out there.

I will be showing you how you can quickly and easily create your own products in the coming days and weeks.

So there we are, 6 steps for information marketing success enabling you to make money from home online.

Follow these steps do not jump on the ‘Shiny Object’ wagon and follow my directions in the coming emails and I will see you at the top! 🙂

Now go and make money from home online 🙂

To Your Success
Linden Huckle



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