Facebook Update News Feed To Prioritise ‘Meaningful Interactions’


BIG changes are afoot!!

Here comes a MASSIVE news feed change from Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook says it will tweak what people see to make it more “meaningful”. What this means is people will see more posts from the people they actually know, and fewer from brands and celebrities that they follow.

This Facebook update is intended to allow people to see posts that they “care about” and want to interact with, CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed.

Personally, I can see this being a massive problem for people who use pages to generate free traffic through content posting on their page. Hang on a minute!!! That means to get the traffic that they have been used to, people with pages may have to turn to paid advertising on Facebook!! This is going to be very disruptive for page owners, but at least Facebook will earn a LOT MORE money through post boosting and ads! 🙂

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