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Make Money From Home Online

Some online marketing Gurus will tell you that in order to make money from home online you have to invest in yourself and they are most certainly correct, but then they will go on to explain why you need a mentor and it just so happens they have the perfect course for you, which also happens to be a high ticket (1K+) internet marketing course! Well I’m here to tell you a slightly different story.

Now, to be honest, some people DO need these 1K plus courses and they do need to be hand held all the way, but most people do not need these high ticket make money online courses and can hit the big time for a fraction of what some gurus try and charge. Now i’m not saying you can make money online without investment because that’s simply not true, there is always investment, be that time or money.

Here’s the steps, follow these and success will not be far away. While thousands spend their time purchasing and chasing the latest ‘Shiny Object’, a make money from home onlinefew are quietly making a fortune following these simple steps. For me this is the best way to make money online.

1) choose a profitable niche (eg make money online, relationships and health)

2) Design a squeeze page or optin page, so you can get your website visitors to become subscribers. Then you can communicate with them, just like I am doing with you right now.
This post shows you what I use and it’s fantastic πŸ™‚
You do not need a website designer today, I use wordpress which is a free content managment system with thousands of free and paid add-ons and free and paid website templates. subscribe to my newsletter and you will get some free wordpress video tutorials and a website design tutorial πŸ™‚

3) Drive people to the squeeze page (There are hundreds of ways to do this, both paid and free. I will be sharing my website traffic generation methods with you over the coming days and weeks).

4) Write a series of niche emails that really connects with your subscribers. ( they say email marketing is an art form and I agree, but you do not have to be an email writing genius to make a LOT of m0ney online! Again, I will be sharing my email marketing methods with you over the coming days and weeks).

5) Find out what your subscribers NEED. The biggest mistake marketers make with their list, is selling their subscribers stuff they DO NOT need!

6) When you are first start building your list, you can send out affiliate offers as you do not YET have your own products. But you MUST create your own products as soon as possible. Here’s why:

Because people have signed up to your list, they mainly want to learn from you, not from someone who they do not know. Your products will convert better to your subscribers than other peoples products.

Once you have your own products, you can have you own army of affiliates selling your products. Having affiliates marketing and selling for you is the ultimate goal here.

Now I’m not saying you should never market other peoples products, because there are some amazing products out there and it is your duty to give your subscribers the best information out there.

I will be showing you how you can quickly and easily create your own products in the coming days and weeks.

So there we are, 6 steps for information marketing success enabling you to make money from home online.

Follow these steps do not jump on the ‘Shiny Object’ wagon and follow my directions in the coming emails and I will see you at the top! πŸ™‚

Now go and make money from home online πŸ™‚

To Your Success
Linden Huckle



Create Great Squeeze Pages & Easily Build Your List!

This is what i use to build all my lists, it’s cheap and has so much functionality, watch the video and you will see for yourself:) To get people to join your list, you have to offer them something of VALUE! Now this can be a video, audio (like this one), pdf, etc. Please don’t worry about your setting up your free offer, it really is easy to do πŸ™‚


build a great squeeze page


If You Want To Make Money Online You MUST Have This One Thing!

buy-now-buttonA BUY NOW BUTTON!

What stops people making any money online? Well I know from personal experience, that if you ask a room full of internet marketers, “How many of you have a BUY NOW button active online?” most of the room will keep their hands down! To succeed online you MUST Sell, Sell, Sell and sell some more and when you think you’re all ‘selled out’, sell some more

Internet Marketing! Want To Win Online? Then Give Value!

There is so much competition online, it doesn’t matter what business or niche you are in, there are hundreds and thousands of competitors, all chasing YOUR potential customers!

So how do you get the people in your market, to come to you and not one of your competitors?

It’s quite straight forward really PROVIDE VALUE for your market place and then promote the heck out of the quality content that you produce.

For instance, produce a really good video, including calls to action within the video. Then upload to youtube, embedd on Facebook, embedd on your website, where you will have an ethical bribe for visitors to access even more quality content. You can then take that video and turn it into an audio file, a pdf and an article on your website.

With internet marketing today, quality is the name of the game!

A few years ago when Google was in it’s early years, it was easy to manipulate, you could own all the listings on several search engine results pages for a single keyword, Ahhhhhhhhhhh the good ole days πŸ™‚

But now………………Google is very smart and the old saying is now becoming a reality online, ‘The Cream Always Rises To the Top’

There are still internet marketers who are trying to game the search engines, there always will be, but they are a dying breed. If anyone tells you they have found a loop hole, a sneaky way to beat the engines, grab your laptop and run!!!!

Put yourself in your potential customers shoes, what would they want to find on your website, what could you give them that would make their lives better, and yes, give them it for free! Because today, you need to engage and build trust with your potential customers.

Good luck with your online endevours and every now and then, spend that extra time creating something special, the rest of the time you can spend on quick content creation, like this piece πŸ™‚

Linden Huckle

search engine optimisation 2014



Blaze Your Own Trail!

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

What an inspiring quote! As far as internet marketing goes, most people simply copy what everyone else is doing πŸ™

The opportunity of a lifetime is here TODAY! You can start today and for very little money, you can create the most incredible business for you and your family. It really has never been a better time.

It’s all about providing quality content that people NEED! Quality articles, audios, videos, pdf’s, etc.

First find a hungry market, make sure it’s a market where people have urgent needs and problems that they want solutions to.

Create a top notch peice of content, like a video, audio or pdf. Make sure the content is QUALITY!!!!!!!!!

Setup a sueeze page (optin page), where in return for their name and email address, you offer your visitors the free video, audio, pdf, etc.

Now after they opt in, you can send them straight to your sales letter/video, or to the free content you offered them. I would suggest you send them to your sales page, where you explain thet the free peice of content will be in their inbox very soon, but in the mean time, please check out this amazing offer below!

It’s quite a simple process really, I realise there are technical challenges involved with setting up your sales funnel, but these are small challenges compared to the results you can obtain from a great offer and optimised sales funnel.

It really doesn’t matter what market you are in, a squeeze page and sales funnel is essential online.

Looking for an opportunity?

Today is the day, it’s never too late πŸ™‚






Google’s Penguin 2.0 Looking At Bad And Unnatural Inbound Linking

Websites are getting hit hard and fast by Google’s Penguin 2.0 update. google penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 is all about inbound links and their credibilty and acquisition!

Link velocity is a term applied to tha speed at which a website aquires inbound links. If the site is getting a few backlinks here and there, then suddenly lands 5000 backlinks in a few days, Google’s flags are raised.

Mass blog commenting, automated link exchanges, fake profiles, irrelevant websites, low quality websites and article directories, link farms, overly optimized anchor text backlinks (keyword exact match), etc, etc. We could go on all day πŸ™

Now we all know that a really good piece of viral marketing could, in all probability, cause such a leap in the numbers of backlinks being aquired, so I do believe that the big G will also look at the quality and type of website that is linking. At this moment in time I am just not to sure how they deal with a really good piece of viral marketing, maybe someone reading this has an idea, if so, please let us know πŸ™‚

Please don’t think backlinks are dead, I still believe that backlinks are very important, along with social interactions that happen around your content, so Facebook, Youtube, pinterest, bookmarking, etc, all play a big part in the ranking of a website.

Anyway, lets let the man, Matt Cutts explain a little more ~

How To Analyze A Competitors Website For FREE!

To succeed online you need to stay ahead of the game!

This means keeping up with all the online developments and changes, from google algorythm updates to new social networks and advertising opportunities that are springing up almost on a daily basis.

Knowing your competition is extremely important, you need to know where they are advertising, how they are driving traffic and sales.

Well now you can do this for FREE! Yes, we all love that word and this is a simple Firefox extension, simply go to and watch the short video which will explain everything, it’s time to get ahead of your competition πŸ™‚

People will say, why analyse competitor website? wouldn’t you want to know your competitors website traffic, where they advertise, how about an update everytime they do something new?

Why not ?, It’s all FREE!

Screen shot below shows how the free website analysis report appears on your screen.

analyze competitors website

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