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Facebook Update News Feed To Prioritise ‘Meaningful Interactions’


BIG changes are afoot!!

Here comes a MASSIVE news feed change from Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook says it will tweak what people see to make it more “meaningful”. What this means is people will see more posts from the people they actually know, and fewer from brands and celebrities that they follow.

This Facebook update is intended to allow people to see posts that they “care about” and want to interact with, CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed.

Personally, I can see this being a massive problem for people who use pages to generate free traffic through content posting on their page. Hang on a minute!!! That means to get the traffic that they have been used to, people with pages may have to turn to paid advertising on Facebook!! This is going to be very disruptive for page owners, but at least Facebook will earn a LOT MORE money through post boosting and ads! 🙂

Is Facebook Closing In On Youtube?


The Creator App

After Youtube are they? Yes indeed, the chase is well and truly on! 🙂

This new Facebook app, to be released later this year, will be focused on the creator, Facebook product director Daniel Danker announced during the “Future of Facebook Video” panel at VidCon.

daniel danker

The new creator app from Facebook has camera effects and frames. content creators can add custom stickers, frames, intros and outros to live broadcasts to give the audience a consistent look and feel for a brand. The creator app also lets content creators crosspost to other platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg declared on this month’s earnings call that “time well spent” via video is Facebook’s new aim, the Creator app could help it make Facebook video a lot more inviting to regular facebook video consumers and non facebook video watchers.

Facebook has also been testing another cool tool called Fan Club App, to help video creators build larger audiences. For now, the two apps seem to be working independently of each other.

Google’s Penguin 2.0 Looking At Bad And Unnatural Inbound Linking

Websites are getting hit hard and fast by Google’s Penguin 2.0 update. google penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 is all about inbound links and their credibilty and acquisition!

Link velocity is a term applied to tha speed at which a website aquires inbound links. If the site is getting a few backlinks here and there, then suddenly lands 5000 backlinks in a few days, Google’s flags are raised.

Mass blog commenting, automated link exchanges, fake profiles, irrelevant websites, low quality websites and article directories, link farms, overly optimized anchor text backlinks (keyword exact match), etc, etc. We could go on all day 🙁

Now we all know that a really good piece of viral marketing could, in all probability, cause such a leap in the numbers of backlinks being aquired, so I do believe that the big G will also look at the quality and type of website that is linking. At this moment in time I am just not to sure how they deal with a really good piece of viral marketing, maybe someone reading this has an idea, if so, please let us know 🙂

Please don’t think backlinks are dead, I still believe that backlinks are very important, along with social interactions that happen around your content, so Facebook, Youtube, pinterest, bookmarking, etc, all play a big part in the ranking of a website.

Anyway, lets let the man, Matt Cutts explain a little more ~

Stop Whining And Make It Happen

philosophy-quote-siteOne of my internet marketing friends is always moaning and groanng, ‘Panda algorithm this, penguin algorithm that, Facebook has changed, youtube marketing is no good, PPC is a waste of time and money, bla bla bla 🙁 If he spent as much time on his business as he does whining, he would be a VERY rich man!

It has never been easier or cheaper, to start a business, or indeed promote your existing business.

There are literally hundreds of roads you can take with your online marketing endevours.

From blogging to PPC (pay per click) marketing. There is a multitude of advertising mediums for every type of business.

All your business needs is you or someone to take ACTION and the results will follow.

Where else can you start a business for a very minimal financial cost and have sales, customers, enquirees, optins almost immediately? A small amount of knowledge in say the new social media picture sharing site Pinterest and you can start marketing straight away.

Youtube has never been easier, it now has it’s own video editing interface, including music that you can add 🙂

Below is a video I made in under 10 minutes, I already had the pictures, so I simply added music and effects, titled the video with a keyword I know i can rank for, added tags and a description. I simply added my pinterest board link to the video as this was just a test video, although that is another good marketing tactic.

I love internet marketing because it is continually changing, so remember the famous Charles Darwin quote ~

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.



Facebook Graph Search WOW!

Facebook recently opened up Graph Search.  Facebook is now much more searchable. It’s just like a search engine, but the results are shaped by each Facebook Graph Searchuser’s social network of friends.

The Facebook Graph Search is a search engine (watch out Google) whose results are unique to you, the results are based on the people you are connected to and your location. It’s a way to discover stores that are close to you, find restaurants liked by your friends, hotels, holidays, etc.

For local businesses this is going to be HUGE and the opportunities to connect with potential clients and customers will be fantastic!


SEO Plan

Having an seo plan of action is extremely important for new and exicting websites. I have added an seo plan below, please feel freseo plane to use the plan, or join my newsletter and get instant access to the pdf, so you can keep the plan handy, or even print it off.

The most important part of seo is producing unique, quality content.

Once you have some quality content, say an article on search engine optimisation, then that can be distributed to article directories, turned into a pdf and submitted to the document sharing sites, turned into a video and submitted to the video sharing sites and even an audio. As long as the content is quality, people will want it in different formats. Creating a piece of content that goes viral, can generate visitors, subscribers and sales, for years!

Join my newsletter for the latest internet marketing news, tips, help and great resources. I am also going to add tutorial videos to this seo plan checklist. Simply add your first name and type in your primary email and i will keep you updated with all the latest IM news

SEO plan. Stage 1

Keyword Research Very Important!

For local businesses always try and use geo targeted keywords, my hobby is karate, so for my karate club, keywords like “Biggleswade karate club”, “Biggleswade karate classes”, “Biggleswade karate kids”, “kids karate in Biggleswade”, “kids karate in biggleswade”, “Biggleswade karate school”, etc, etc. You can go check the above keywords in google, I am in the UK, so results may vary in other countries. The website is

For a more detailed explanation of keyword research Click Here (video coming soon) In the meantime, the best keyword tool by far is Market Samurai

SEO plan. Stage 2

1. Create gmail account for marketing purposes
2. Create Google plus page
3. Create linkedin account
4. Create youtube Dailymotion Metacafe and Vimeo accounts
5. Open a pinterest account and creat a board (Keyword targeted, ie Biggleswade karate Club)
6. Create Facebook page
7. create Twitter account
8. Create RSS feed for website
9. Create accounts at article directories
10. Register with RSS submission sites

SEO plan. Stage 3

1. Have a professional video intro created 5-10 seconds
2. Create Google places listings for your business
3. Write 5 x 500 word articles. Benefits of practicing karate at Biggleswade karate club (using geo targeted keywords) EG  Title – Benefits Of Practicing Karate At Biggleswade Karate club
4. For the article directories, write a great bio and call to action, which links to your main website, for local businesses, be sure to use geo targeted keywords
5. Turn 5 articles into pdf’s adding pictures and links to main website

SEO plan. Stage 4

1. Using new video intro, create 5 x short video promoting your business
2. Submit video to the 4 video sharing sites
3. Submit your first article to all 4 directories, then submit 1 article per month (can be same article or different for extra SEO benefit) to the 4 article directories
4. Submit RSS feed to RSS feed directories (you only have to do this once)
5. Regularily update your main website, using keywords naturally
6. Be sure to add alt tags to pictures on your site (search engines look for them)
7. Regularily add pictures to your pinterest board, add url at the start of the description, back to your site. Do not always use root domain name, link to internal pages

SEO plan. Stage 5

1. Grab video rss feeds and add to RSS directories
2. Grab article rss feeds and add to RSS directories
3. Bookmark articles, videos and pages on website, using services like etc


Can be applied at any time, especially if you have a new course/product/event happening

Write a press release yourself and submit using free distribution services (limited results), or a paid service like the excellent PRwebb (excellent results), or the even better Press release monkey   (AMAZING results), who will write an awesome press release and distribute.

I wish you all the best with your websites, if you are too busy running your business and would like me to give you a price on having my team do the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me [email protected] 🙂

Facebook Marketing

facebook marketingFacebook’s Paul Adams To Marketers, “You don’t understand Facebook!”

Adams said that trying to serve an ad that interupts and distracts the Facebook users from doing what they are doing, instead of building a relationship with a customer is like “trying to throw a party with a bunch of strangers. It’s not going to be a very good party.” However, once advertisers have been interacting with fans for a while, then they can try to do something more meaningful: “Suddenly you’re throwing it with people you’ve built a relationship with.”

In essence, he was talking about relationship building rather than ‘in yer face’ advertising. Adams said “many lightweight interactions over time.”

So using pages, apps, etc to gain trust and build a brand is the way he is hoping to get marketers to act, but some marketers may have slightly different ideas:)