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Basic Google Adwords Tips

adwords tips

Make sure you have a quality website first! Relevant to your ads and with great landing pages.  Google use a feature called ‘Quality Score‘ and this refers to the quality of your ads, keywords and landing page. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions. So you are after a high quality score.

Have a goal in mind. This may be getting someone to call, leave their details (Squeeze) or make a purchase.

Writing a great ad is an art form all in itself. Your ads should stand out and grab the searchers interest. Make sure the keywords you use in your ads, match the keywords on your landing pages.

Over deliver! When someone clicks on your ad and lands on your page, you have an extremely targeted potential customer, but they do not know who you are. You have a few seconds to gain their trust. This is where we go back to having a great landing page. You can offer something for free, download this free pdf that shows small business owners how to get the Inland Revenue to pay you, instead of you paying them! 🙂 (I wish). Seriously, maybe a free tax saving tips video for small business owners, where they will get to see and listen to you, which is EXTREMELY important as you can start to build trust.

Never confuse your website visitor! If your ad says Free Tax Saving Tips make sure that’s exactly what they get. Put yourself in the searchers mind, what would they want to find once they click your ad.

There are three types of keyword targeting,
1. Exact match = Contains only these words in this order.
2. Phrase match = Contains all the words, in order, and may include other words before or after the main keyword.
3. Broad match = Contains all the words in the main keyword, can be in any order, and may include other words.

Use negative keywords.
Negative keywords prevent your PPC ads from displaying for particular keyword phrases. Adding in negative keywords is an important part of the PPC process. It allows you to eliminate irrelevant search queries. For example, if you have nothing for free, ‘FREE’ would be a great negative keyword to add.

Don’t forget you mobile users! Mobile is huge and getting BIGGER. First make sure your landing page is responsive, which means it adjusts and looks great on any device, laptop, pc, tablet or mobile phone.

Continually Test and tweak. From search keywords, Ad headlines, Ad description, to content on the landing page. Easiest way to start, is to create two ads for each keyword, then track the performance of each ad. When you have a clear winner, this will become your ‘control’, you then create another ad and repeat the process.

You must track your conversions. You want to know what keywords, ads and landing pages convert the best.

Use Google’s remarketing feature, this is literally where you can follow your website visitor around the internet, showing the same ad, or even better, creating other ads that grab your visitors attention, eg, giving a larger discount on the second ad, or giving something of value away for free.

Here’s a great Adwords video from Google.