I have been online for many years, bouncing from one shiny object to the next. I have made quite a lot of money online, but no where near enough to make it life changing and as soon as I started making good money, the next shiny object appeared and I was off 🙁

I have done everything from PPC, PPV, article marketing, Link Wheels, Blog networks, video marketing, buzz marketing, blogging, blog commenting, etc, etc, etc.

I’ve done it all! Black hat, grey hat and white!

Enough already! (as my American friends say accross the pond)

It’s finally time for me to focus on one business model before my head explodes!

I love everything about this industry, Internet Marketing really can make people’s dreams come true, there are so many opportunities online it makes my brain hurt 🙂

For me, internet marketing is a magical industry to be involved in, it changes daily, ever evolving and creating even more opportunities with every day that passes.

I love it !!!